Popular Pakistani food brand ‘Student Biryani’ expands to Australia

We see international brands expanding into Pakistan frequently. But when it comes to our local brands going abroad for business, it is a rare sight. Some big Pakistani brands like Khaadi and Junaid Jamshed have already expanded outside of Pakistan into Western countries, but there hasn’t been a food brand so far that went out of Pakistan.
Student Biryani, a popular Pakistani food brand known for its biryani and other fast food items, especially in Karachi, has expanded into Australia with a new branch. The brand already had a branch in Auburn which was met with a lot of success. It is now expanding with another branch.
There are other food brands too, which have expanded outside of Pakistan, but most of them have opened their stores in UAE, which is a pretty much second home for Pakistanis.
For anyone living in Sydney, Australia, Student Biryani brings authentic tasting biryani. If you’ve been missing biryani because of the rarity in the country, you’ll finally have a place where you can enjoy biryani.

Student Biryani’s second branch in Australia

Student Biryani Australia is located at 42 Auburn Rd, Auburn NSW 2144, Australia

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