Thursday, 1 November 2018

Appeal in the Supreme Court against ASEA BB's badge

اپیل قاری سلام نے ایڈووکیٹ اظہر صدیق اور غلام مصطفی چوہدری کی وساطت سے دائر کی ہے، فوٹو: فائل

Lahore: Appeal filed in Supreme Court Lahore Registry to amend ASEA BB's verdict.

According to Express News, citizen Qari Salam filed an application by the advocate Azhar Siddique and Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhary to revise the ASEA BB's verdict, which was lost due to blasphemy.

The petition has been adopted in the petition that ASEA BB admitted the crime during the investigation, even though the accused was abducted, appealed to the Supreme Court in appeal to the ASEA BB decision verdict And till the decision of the revised appeals, the name of Aasiya Bibi should be inserted in the ECL.

It is clear that the Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed the death sentence of ASEA BB in the contempt case.

Aceha Bibliography was that in June 2009, during a fight against a woman, she used to blasphemy phrases in the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Lahore High Court had sentenced the death sentence to Aassa Bibi in contempt of blasphemy in 2010, Lahore High Court also rejected the appeal against the death sentence of ASEA BB, after which the accused filed a petition in the court order. Was it.

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