Appreciation and critical point of business communication

Appreciation and critical point of business communication


The communication is a two-way process which transforms ideas or information between different people۔

The main elements of the communication۔

1.Their basic education standards۔
2.Their personal social analysis in their society.
3.Work experience in their various institutions.
4.Learn more about their reading habits and more.
5.Learn how to learn something from their own environment۔
That is, when two people have angle of view and vision, then there is a difference between different types of information.Communication is used to convey ideas to each other or on the space between the two۔
It may either be written or oral۔

The basic exchange information may be from the following sources:

2.discussion, debate
4.Buzz Groups
5.The meeting
Communication facts are a mutual exchange of experiences and emotions۔

Important Points

1.Mutual exchange
This definition is clear that whenever any message or information changes, it must be at least two people sender and reciever.
The facts mean that there are no questions about which and their integrity should be accepted - when Someone says in the morning that this sun has risen, now they will recognize that he is right.I.e. the information whose objects belong to the truth and the purpose The facts are called۔
Ideas and concepts are very important for the uprooting of human minds but ideas can not be realistic.Because thoughts can not be true or true they may have a mistake, for example someone tells you that your children are more tall If you do not, then you will know more about the situation and you can deny this idea of ​​argument۔
Experiment ideas and ideas apply to get results۔Different people can get different results of the same work and they will have different experiences۔
Emotions are the names of people's feelings Which affects their behavior - your smile and seriousness reflects your feelings۔
And these are transit from other people of your situation۔
Facts are the names of ideas and feelings of emotions۔
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