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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Steps To Remove Communication Barriers

Steps To Remove Communication Barriers


The obstacles in post delivery can be removed from following steps.

Today I will tell you steps to overcome obstacles or delivery.

1.According To Temperament Of Receiver

Whenever a message is sent, it should be considered recipient's choice and dislike.If you are interested in being informed about its interest, then it will also be interested in sending it a positive answer.

2.Give Preference Indiscriminately

Receive the message carefully in the message delivery as per the status of the employees۔And if individual attention, the information space between the small employees and the higher officers will help them to.And the obstacle to delivery of information due to high status or status has also gone away۔

3.Give Message According To perception

Delivery of message as per the awareness and understanding of each individual can be removed۔It should be followed by the behavior of each individual and the previous experience.

4.Give Message According To Personality

If you are intelligent and intelligent, you are not smart and other people do not have these features۔So you can pass this personal barrier at their level۔That is, according to their level, talk to them so that they understand and you can get good results for your conversation.

5.Keep Care Of Culture

As stated earlier, culture and civilization also make the receipt of messages and interruptions among different people.Its barrier can only be removed as the first language you want to send Study the civilization and civilization and using words according to their customs and culture If you make a message, you can get positive results۔

6.To Bear Criticism

If the subordinate individuals are unaware of your message or you do not understand them Encourage them to indicate your mistakes and do not use their option illegally۔Critically correct your behavior۔The use of options will also be better, and the interaction will also be interrupted, and the block also has gone away.

7.To Correct Tone

If you are making a message verbal delivery, they are making any speech, then you should keep it properly.
Neither is very dim, nor too high.This can be removed from the delivery of post delivery.


If appropriate source is not taken in the receipt and delivery of the message, it also interrupts information and interrupts.Whether you are talking or writing a message.Your indications and feedback should be such that the next person could easily understand it And the positive answer can be expected at this time.When he understands your message as far as possible, it can be removed from the right source.

9.Identify Receiver

In receipt of information if recipient knowledge If the correct analysis of the ability and consciousness has already been done, the biggest obstacle can be overcome.

10.Ban On External Interference

If interacting with the recipient and the recipient regarding interchange of information, then the space vacuum causes interruption due to the restrictions on the appointments of the candidates and the establishment of the duty of the asset to establish the telephone. It can be removed.
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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Communication method for business

Communication method for business


Delivery space from one place to the other place contains few basic elements without which this process can not be completed۔










Sending to a business post is a person who prepares a message۔The message is written, and the message to the other person, when the message is to be sent, the sender had to take different measures۔These steps are as follows that the message can effectively reach another person۔
1.The third person's educational standard so that the message can be understood as easy as possible in a simple language, according to its ability.
2.Experiences of different varieties.
3.Desire to get information about it.
4.Her personal interest.
5.Estimating the learning ability.


This is a process in which a series of ideas by combining the various ideas of emotional feelings, which is to convey to the next person.It is the hardest thing to communicate and prepare for the message. Sometimes you sit to write something but you can not get ideas.Nothing else is written, sometimes there is ability to speak in people or impress others, but they are not correctly written.Whenever the user organizes the message, keep me in mind keeping the needs of the next person or the reader.


The second important step in the delivery process is what message you want to send۔The message will be configured in this way the next person should understand what you are doing as you go۔This means that if the next graduate does not work according to your desired wish Could not post the message correctly.The clear message should be used simple language and simple words۔

1.Know your Audiences

If you recognize your audience correctly, you can post the message according to their criteria.In this way, they will be able to work more on the job, which will also give you a positive response.

2.Structure Easy and Simple Message

Easy and simple language, messages from other people will easily understand your message۔And the weaknesses are small and short, if the thoughts are more tall and intelligent, the leader will be difficult to understand.Similarly, when you are in touch with people, use simple language and simple sentences So people will understand your speech easily and are successful authors and who keep this principle in mind۔

3.Keep your Message Short

It is easy to remember the short message for the audience or reader so that whenever a message is written or delivered, keep short.

4.Use Common Language

The language used to convey the message should also be simple and common if you are at home If I talk to my mother in the office language, she will not understand what you mean, because she does not know about your work.Common language is recognized and understood in most everyday life and business or office tasks.

Appreciation and critical point of business communication

Appreciation and critical point of business communication


The communication is a two-way process which transforms ideas or information between different people۔

The main elements of the communication۔

1.Their basic education standards۔
2.Their personal social analysis in their society.
3.Work experience in their various institutions.
4.Learn more about their reading habits and more.
5.Learn how to learn something from their own environment۔
That is, when two people have angle of view and vision, then there is a difference between different types of information.Communication is used to convey ideas to each other or on the space between the two۔
It may either be written or oral۔

The basic exchange information may be from the following sources:

2.discussion, debate
4.Buzz Groups
5.The meeting
Communication facts are a mutual exchange of experiences and emotions۔

Important Points

1.Mutual exchange
This definition is clear that whenever any message or information changes, it must be at least two people sender and reciever.
The facts mean that there are no questions about which and their integrity should be accepted - when Someone says in the morning that this sun has risen, now they will recognize that he is right.I.e. the information whose objects belong to the truth and the purpose The facts are called۔
Ideas and concepts are very important for the uprooting of human minds but ideas can not be realistic.Because thoughts can not be true or true they may have a mistake, for example someone tells you that your children are more tall If you do not, then you will know more about the situation and you can deny this idea of ​​argument۔
Experiment ideas and ideas apply to get results۔Different people can get different results of the same work and they will have different experiences۔
Emotions are the names of people's feelings Which affects their behavior - your smile and seriousness reflects your feelings۔
And these are transit from other people of your situation۔
Facts are the names of ideas and feelings of emotions۔
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Effective Communication Elements Accessories

Effective Communication Elements Accessories

Facts say effective communication to other people of experiences and feelings without interruptions۔
The following elements are optioned to convey the message to other people۔

Goal determination

First of all, what is the purpose of the message or information that has been reached to the next۔At the time your goal is clear, you will make that information more logical.Note the reasons for conveying information for it on a separate paper So that you do not forget to post the message later what was the actual purpose of delivering the message۔

Audience identification

The third main step is an audience in an efficient way of delivery That's to convey to the person's person۔How to prepare your message according to the needs of the audience, you will be sure that the message will get better۔

Sources set

There are usually two ways of delivery of the message۔
1.Verbal delivery method
2.Writing method of writing
Oral delivery method is an indirect way, while writing method is a non-personalized way of delivery. Now it depends on what method you choose to be more appropriate.The way through which you can easily access the message, the writing of the messaging message is more written in writing.

Relationship Identity

You should know about the delivery of the information within the organization or outside.Who has to receive a message to assure the relationship that he knows you or not Or that some people will know you too much so the delivery of the message will be effective at this time.When you take care of it so that you can communicate with the other person according to the account you are concerned about۔

Identification of mutual interest

The next step in the effective delivery of the message is that you see what matters about both the person and the person you are interested in.And how she shows interest in your information, such as everyone in business tries to achieve their goals.If you tell them about their improvement, then they will definitely attract you۔

Select the right time

You will be sure that the correct delivery of the message is always appropriate at the right time۔For example, if a friend sends you your wedding card and you can not go for a reason, you will send a greeting card before you get married.Instead of sending it a month later۔Similarly, if the union within the organization list the list of demand demands to be met۔And if you live in the scope of law and make a contract with them in a proper time, then you are successful۔Instead, keep aside the demands of their demands and start debating with members of the labor union.

The result of the results

Finally check out the results and find out the results of your performance۔In this you will find out what you wanted to achieve and what you got۔The difference in the goals and objectives of the intended goals will actually be displayed by the information۔And keeping this in mind, you will determine the goals of your future, and take the reasons for this space so that future delivery space will be paid.

Your Business From Two Directions Communication


Benefits of two-way communication

Your job development is based on professional credibility based on successful writing or oral information exchange.And you also know that the importance of delivery of information effectively helps you in various activities of personal life.
Nevertheless, information can be distributed in three parts of the delivery of information۔

1.A Valuable Job Requirement

2.Essential For Promotion

3.A Help For Meeting Personal Responsibilities

1.A Valuable Job Requirement

Especially if your job is more than physical work rather than physical work, the severity of your impact on the development will be effective in the message delivery or lecture on your development that your knowledge tips and ideas will be available to other people. To reach or reach those people.You can estimate how important it is to get the job done۔Pharmacologists who can literally or effectively convey their talk to others۔They can also benefit from the same high positions and decide to develop quickly۔

2.Essential For Promotion

The basic requirement for developing a high officer is "Capability of effective posts"۔People who do not have efficient posts can live at the lower level۔In an estimate, people of the administration only receive 90% of their posts or messages.According to the survey in America, he had been promoted to the Vice President of President or Chairman of the Board۔The reason was also specializing in business posts۔
From this you can estimate what benefits are for personal development۔People who are expert in this field can grow rapidly۔

3.A Help For Meeting Personal Responsibilities

Written effectively or verbally helps you get your personal goals in your personal activities.You sometimes feel the need to write or comment on the tips for the company's Chairpersons Club Officer or a citizen, as a citizen.So, as per the business postal regulations, the public business is industrial and professional In front of gentlemen or friends, they can easily express their views۔In addition to this, as a student, if you solve your papers or ideas in the right way So you can add good numbers to your grade too۔
For more explanation of personal development, effective capabilities as well as various capabilities are displayed from the following image so that it can be more easily understood.