Friday, 8 June 2018


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Standing was completed by completing his work as soon as possible and his father came in and said that a masculine pair is Egypt to meet him. He asked the PM to send them to the PM for a second time. A little bit later, he entered a mammy couple in the office .He was fifteen years old. His beard and head hair were white .The verse was almost like pitches .There were some feelings of peace and distress. Told him to sit .She sat in front of them. She professionally asked her to ask her what she could help.
Both of them saw each other, and the last woman said while shouting.
I suspect that I am with hope.
Standing for a moment felt that he was joking with him. But after seeing his serious face, he realized that he was serious. He wrote two tests to the woman to bring them a report. Said .Then he went on busy in his children .As soon as he arrived in the city of Clinton, he saw that the couple was waiting for him in a very unusual manner. His father first sent them inside .IMIMA saw the reports, without a discharge, a cold sigh came out of his lips .But he considered it appropriate for the woman to examine .After his illness, he told him that The fear is correct and his wife is four months pregnant. The woman started crying loudly when she heard this person.
I am the children's grandfather and grandfather. You can get rid of our lives in such a way. We will not be able to face the society. "
The Standing saw them angryly and said:
It was very sad that God heard these things from the mouths of the readers of your readings. You are willing to kill a person and fear your children. Now your wife's life is also a threat to her abortion. I will never do any such sin. "
They both went out of frustration with the disappointment of both the wives. But the firm believed that they would get a donation of a donation, but they would not give a cat of honorable honor.
A few days later the picture of this woman was seen in the newspaper 'obituary' column .His children and her parents were tribute to him in great words. Time filled a cold sigh and thought of the society and its The so-called fascinating traditions and how many innocent things will climb to the cat.
Is hope spring still established?