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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

black holes the reith lectures epub

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Black holes

Physics instructors were telling the physics when they shouted, they became unhappy, so unaware of all galaxy stars, they could not even lighten them, and they were called black holes. I asked him. How do the stars die? ?? So the answer was son! 

It is a tragedy that it is very difficult to understand the great tragedy because there are different rules and regulations of the physics ... when the hazardous idea of ​​thoughts looked like people like dying and shining around them and saw that thousands of prayers, prayers and Despite efforts, despite the ink itself, it came to understand, and it was very good to know why these stars would die. 

There will be religion, sects, politics, big elders, cruelty and Chaudhary, there will also be a sense of sexual intercourse, there will also be mood of the mothers there, there will also be a storm of mourning and lungs. There will be the same Lord's Law ... there will be such tragedy ....... 😢😢😢

Saturday, 23 June 2018

steam latest news latest news about steemit

steam latest news latest news about steemit.

Enthusiasm, prize and wealth
I started my journey with great enthusiasm in Stamtam. I have not done anything, yet after killing excitement, I did not earn anything. 😫. I have learned that if they are not making any money then people leave Stemad. ☹️
I am fast on my trip in Stamat, so I know that I have a lot to learn, but I have learned three quick and durable ways of making money from the beginning. These things can help you whether you are alone or in the community, and these things will also help you whether your account is big or small or not.
Number one: Get paid for dust.steam latest news latest news about steemit.
For the first time when you start as a person or a community, you have to stop losing the dust prize. When you write a post, you get author awards, and when you comment on a post, you get curation prizes. When any of these rewards is less than $ 0.02, you do not receive the payment. The Stemdom Rules call all awards for a post or comment, which is less than 0.02 "dust prizes". It sounds like a lot of money, but for a newbie, it seems to be all their rewards for their articles, the first month it can be small. So many new members write good posts, earn a few rewards, but do not pay anything.steam latest news latest news about steemit.
You can get rid of dust prizes with a program called "dust sweeper". "Dust sweeper" is a bot; A bot is an automated computer program that performs a function or transaction. "Dust sweeper" reads all the posts on "bot" stampt of "dust sweeper" for the post or comments of members, who are on the six days of the day and are less than 0.02 and it is enough to get them paid Enhances the form. This eliminates the dust, so you or your community members get paid now.
How it works, you pay in a certain amount, 1 SBD and the bot uses your money to raise your positions at the dust reward level until it is almost finished, then it will give you your Makes messages in wallet for something else.
Follow this link to sign up .http: //
Number two: Stemat Basic Income
The other thing is that I suggest that you do as a community leader or as a consultant or friend, a new steamian gift is called "Stimit Basic Income". Actually, you pay the fee to buy "share" of this program, and the program ensures that a post increases a certain amount per week or if you write two posts, each is raised above . The amount depends on how many posts you write. The best thing about this program is that when you buy "shares" for someone else you also get "share" automatically. So only half the members in your community have to take part and everybody gets a share, as long as everyone chooses someone without sharing. Apart from this, you can buy another stock, so as a leader, you can reward people to stay active by buying them additional shares. Instead of getting "shares" you can also give two "shares". For community members, it is a good way to ensure that new members are paid for each other or to leaders and founding members. Remember, if anything kills excitement then payment does not get paid.
Follow this link to sign up .http: //
Number three: Buy upwatts and subvot "bots".
You can pay other people in Steamship to raise your post. We all have 100% voting power votes in a day, ten maximum reward votes. If you deposit enough steam to power your steam power up to 100, then your upvote is worth the money. Some people vote independently, others sell their votes. These people advertise on their steamet profile that they sell votes and this is their choice. Generally they make profitable for buying upvots by selling 0.04 sbd or 0.04 upvotes for steam. For some 0.5 steam sells 1.0 SBD upholts. Remember, there are thieves in Stamtam, who take your money and do not give anything in return. I suggest that you deal with those vendors who have a high prestige score and you ask those who are using voting vendors so you can know that they are honest. Caution is important.
The second way to pay for the upwatts is by using "bots". A bot is an automated computer program that performs a function or transaction. "Bots" is referred to as "bots" which you pay and they take your post above a certain amount. It is similar to paying a person, but there are significant differences in it, which can not earn or benefit from "bots", so read the instructions and rules carefully.
There is a website called "Steamwater" which lists all bots and "bidding process"It is through which you pay to earn money. It tells you whether the bot is profitable or not. This can be very beneficial, but if you do not read the instructions or if you do not read the payout amount on "steamwater" you can not make money or even lose money. Remember it is difficult to refund "bots." It is not impossible, but difficult. I suggest that you deal with those who sell votes, who have a high reputation score, if you are new. They have three ways for new steamians to make money. Please follow the link, read the instructions carefully and decide whether you want to use these methods.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The blood is the blood of Adam, the end is blood

The blood is the blood of Adam, the end is blood
After reading the Taurus from Ranchhi inside Ranchi, Maulana Azhar-ul-Islam and Maulana Imran attacked 20-25 people and forced them to slaughter Shari Ram. Those people refused to hook them with hockey and scorpion. Mulayam Imran escaped, but Maulana Azhar-ul-Islam was admitted to the hospital in a delicate condition. At the time when the incident occurred in Larkarkhand, 400 people named Maharashtra's Chandra Gauge 8 Tribal people attacked sticks and bars. Two of these stuffing and shovel shines were destroyed, and 6 were taken to the drug in a delicate condition. Theft was treated with these innocent people at a glance, while Paul has no evidence of involvement in the crime against him. One day earlier, 500 people left the car to Nilettal and Abhijjit Nath in the Kirby-Aung Long district of Assam and drove death to accuse the child. In this area this rumor was spread out that 'a child in the car'. The video of this tragedy was also viral.

At the same time these violent incidents took place within a few areas of the country. Their reasons are different. These people involved and those who suffer from it are different types of people. It is not clear that these incidents are unanimous that it is with all that is why it is tolerable, but the purpose is that they are seriously Facts and factors are being detected due to which the game of cruelty is going on so that measures can be taken. These events are sad about the following facts:
• The rage of violence within our society has come out of its limits. A fire keeps inside within a waiting period, and spreads around when it comes to opportunity.
• The confidence of public administration has risen. Instead of approaching the police or court, they decide to decide themselves.
• Their heart has gone out of the law's order, so they do not fit from wires by making a video of their oppression.

If such a situation of political power takes advantage of political situation, its loss will be to the minorities, Muslims. Therefore it is necessary to focus on the treatment of this disease. Not because we have more loss in it, but because it is our responsibility. "" You are the best Ummah, which has been brought to the people, you command people good deeds and prevent evils. " Yes and believe in Allah ". The Muslim Ummah has been blessed for the people of the world. He has been given responsibility for ordering good and to prevent evil. In the years of India, Muslims were protected from the book of the other nations, but the persecution of violence continued, and many weak sections remained vulnerable to it. It was also our responsibility that we should be able to take revenge against him and tomorrow, we should be sure that Muslims should be safe and insecure, but other nations are oppressed, even then we will be responsible for doing so. .

In the society, when the rule of law is over, it leads to oppression, and justice is justified. The Quran commands the Great Ummah that "O people who believe! Be faithful to God, and bear witness to justice. " It is not to be seen by a person who has become a beloved person, and is not in front of any other person, but to seek pleasure in Allah. Without this belief, the protected class can not be a proporter of the oppressed massacre. For those who are suffering from past mistakes, the above mentioned arguments are very important. "I do not hate you because of any group that you should go back to justice," he said.

If, if tomorrow, the Azeri converted to these oppressors to the oppressed, we would have to step down in order to rid them. All friends and enemies are entitled to justice. This war of justice is not limited to you, but in its scope all come. This work should be unhappy and hazardous because it is further stated that "keep working in fear of God, and Allah is fully aware of what you do." The fear of humans never prevented us from paying this responsibility, but also realized the responsibility of accountability in front of God alone, as well as believe in the belief that our creator will also be tried for this purpose. It is knowledgeable. The attack on men and women who had a rivalry against the oppressor, Dr. Kafil, and his life engineer, Kashif, could not diminish the sentiments of the believers, because they know that Allah is watching. Is . He will surely resurrect his repentance and will also give thanks to him.

This is the responsibility of the nation of Islam and it is true that no other person is capable of paying it. The reasons for this is that it has analogy of guidance, which is the first condition of establishing a foundation, otherwise it is rich in the wealth of the trustworthiness of the other. In the Ummah, we currently have the opportunity to deal with the problem and deal with it. We have come to know about our protection so that we can not think about it, but in this situation even if the Ummah proposes to pay for the obligation to pay this obligation, it is very possible that Even many justice-makers will join it in this struggle. Nevertheless, "We Hey, for Allah is enough and that is the best Karsa.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Here's a simple trick to help you recover suspended adsense account

Here's asimple trick to help you recover suspended adsense account?

Hello all friends.I hope all of you good and enjoy their life.So i tell you today how to recover your suspended adsense account.

Dear Friends!

  1. Open you gmail and then click to my account I show you screen shoots.
  2. Right corner of the account click the button of my account open this.
  3. Then open it and you can go now personal info ß privacy.
  4. After this you click the your personal info.
  5. First of all change your mobile number.
  6. Second change email address would you want.
  7. Third all your personal settings change and save them.
  8. After all these changes you go 

Account preferences

And open 


Change your payment detail if you want all of these add fake


Delete your account or services

And delete you products 
Without gmails
Save and then click second option delete Google account and data.
And go to their website and YouTube channel and request New account of adsense with you original detail.

Thanks to all FOLLOW my blog and comments for any help.I will response you fast share my article to other friends.

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Friday, 8 June 2018


                                                    Read Story And Subscribe My Blog
Standing was completed by completing his work as soon as possible and his father came in and said that a masculine pair is Egypt to meet him. He asked the PM to send them to the PM for a second time. A little bit later, he entered a mammy couple in the office .He was fifteen years old. His beard and head hair were white .The verse was almost like pitches .There were some feelings of peace and distress. Told him to sit .She sat in front of them. She professionally asked her to ask her what she could help.
Both of them saw each other, and the last woman said while shouting.
I suspect that I am with hope.
Standing for a moment felt that he was joking with him. But after seeing his serious face, he realized that he was serious. He wrote two tests to the woman to bring them a report. Said .Then he went on busy in his children .As soon as he arrived in the city of Clinton, he saw that the couple was waiting for him in a very unusual manner. His father first sent them inside .IMIMA saw the reports, without a discharge, a cold sigh came out of his lips .But he considered it appropriate for the woman to examine .After his illness, he told him that The fear is correct and his wife is four months pregnant. The woman started crying loudly when she heard this person.
I am the children's grandfather and grandfather. You can get rid of our lives in such a way. We will not be able to face the society. "
The Standing saw them angryly and said:
It was very sad that God heard these things from the mouths of the readers of your readings. You are willing to kill a person and fear your children. Now your wife's life is also a threat to her abortion. I will never do any such sin. "
They both went out of frustration with the disappointment of both the wives. But the firm believed that they would get a donation of a donation, but they would not give a cat of honorable honor.
A few days later the picture of this woman was seen in the newspaper 'obituary' column .His children and her parents were tribute to him in great words. Time filled a cold sigh and thought of the society and its The so-called fascinating traditions and how many innocent things will climb to the cat.
Is hope spring still established?